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Twitter Archive import now available


A few months back Twitter added a feature where you could request an "Archive" package containing your entire Twitter history, which sounds like a great solution to the Twitter API limitation of only being able to access up to 3,200 tweets.

My first thought when this feature was announced was that it would be great if you could add this extra data to TweetVault so it could be included in your stats. I've finally had a chance to write an importer for these archive packages, so if you've downloaded your archive from Twitter, you can now import it into TweetVault.

I'm keeping this feature in beta for now while I make sure it works properly, so if you'd like to use it please get in touch, and I'll enable it for you.

New hardware for TweetVault


Just a quick update to let y'all know that as of March 9th I've moved TweetVault to a shiny new server provided by Digital Ocean, giving the site more RAM and SSD-backed storage, which has produced very noticeable speed improvements across the site, particularly with search. I'm always looking for ways to improve performance and this has certainly helped. Enjoy!

Exports in CSV and iCalendar formats now available


Just before the festive season kicked off I added support for a couple of additional formats to the Export page - you can now export your tweet data in CSV and iCalendar formats in addition to the standard JSON.

Details of the fields included in these exports are given on the Export page, but if you spot anything missing let me know, and I might be able to include it. Happy exporting!

Stats now available on mobile!


Quick update from me – I've been tweaking a few little bits and bobs on TweetVault over the last couple of days, mostly back-end optimisations, but I've also enabled the Stats page on the awesome mobile version of the TweetVault site, so mobile users should be able to enjoy the same tasty stats as their desktop counterparts.

If you haven't checked out the TweetVault mobile site, now's a good time to try it! I've tested mostly on iOS since that's what I have access to at the moment, so if you do spot any issues on Android or others, let me know.

Restore your favourites to Twitter: now available


A TweetVault user got in touch with me yesterday about our archiving of Favourites, and in the course of our conversation it emerged that another app, Faveous, had deleted the favourites from his Twitter account. Luckily this chap had been a subscriber since v1, and the v1 database still contained 800 of his old favourites.

I wrote a quick importer to copy these over to the current database, but in our subsequent chat I realised it would be really useful to be able to restore these favourites to Twitter itself. A fairly simple operation, assuming those tweets still exist on Twitter, so I wrote a script for that too.

This functionality isn't exposed through the web interface at the moment, but if you're a subscriber and you've had similar issues and found your favourites deleted by another app, get in touch - I might be able to restore them for you.

If you're not yet a subscriber, we won't have any data for you I'm afraid! Another good reason to sign up, perhaps? :)