Privacy Policy

To use TweetVault you will have to log in via Twitter. This means we can access your Twitter account, but Twitter can track it right back to us.

When you log in via Twitter we store a token that allows us to access your Twitter account. You can revoke this at any time. You should always revoke access from any application that no longer has any reason to access your account.

What we won't do

  • We will never tweet from your account
  • We will never access your direct messages
  • We will never make you auto-follow our Twitter account

What we can't do

  • We cannot access your direct messages
  • We cannot access the email address you use with Twitter
  • We cannot access your Twitter password

What we will do

  • We will ask you to log in via Twitter so we can access your previous tweets and favourites
  • We will store your tweets and favourites in our own database so that you have access to them outside of Twitter
  • We will update our store of tweets and favourites regularly and continuously, typically every hour

You can stop us refreshing your tweets and favourites at any time by revoking access, but you won't be able to log in to TweetVault to access your archive until you re-allow access (you'll be prompted when you log in).

You can delete your archive (and TweetVault account) at any time from the account page. When you do this, we will remove the data we store for you including the access tokens we use to access to your Twitter account.